Lucifer season 6: DB Woodside messes with fans about ‘premiere date’

AmenadielThere are few things we want in the television world like we want a Lucifer season 6 premiere date. Unfortunately, we’ve come to terms that we’re probably not getting that anytime soon.

Given that the second part of season 5 only aired on Netflix a couple of months ago, odds are we’re at least a few months away from any more information. While production on the entire series may already be done, it does take time in post to perfect all the special effects and get the music and editing fully together. Also, Netflix has the right to choose whatever date they want; they could make us wait until spring 2022 if they really want to torture us.

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Speaking of torture, why don’t we turn now to DB Woodside? While Amenadiel the character has a tendency to be kind and virtuous, it turns out the actor himself is game for a little bit of devilish behavior.

With that in mind, take a look at his post on Twitter below, where he screws with fans by saying the season 6 premiere date is on a piece of paper he’s shielding from view. It’s just a fun little way to get a reaction from people during the offseason … and we gotta say that we love him for it. After all, it keeps the conversation going!

For those actually wondering, we think there are very few people out there who honestly know what the Lucifer season 6 premiere date is going to be. It’s not something the cast and crew are privy to during production, and it’s also not something producers have any control over.

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What do you think the Lucifer season 6 premiere date is ultimately going to be?

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