Christmas 2012: What ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ characters would want

Jesse WilliamsAs we prepare for the arrival of Christmas, we have to think to ourselves a question that puts into the shoes of many of the small screen’s most-familiar faces: what would some of our favorite TV characters want under their tree this year? There’s nothing really spoilerish about this list, and our goal here is simple: to just spread a little bit of last-minute holiday cheer.

Dr. Jackson Avery (“Grey’s Anatomy”) – A day where there was not a million things going on at Seattle Grace that did not involve some sort of terrible tragedy, that way he could actually have the time he needed to win over April. We may be projecting with this one, mostly because we want these two characters to get together already.

Sansa Stark (“Game of Thrones”) – Presumably, Joffrey Baratheon’s head on a stake. It’s not the most warm and cuddly gift,but this is not exactly the most warm and cuddly show.

Stefan Salvatore (“The Vampire Diaries”) – Some sort of storyline that actually has to do more than just his feelings for Elena.

Abed Nadir (“Community”) – For it to be October 19 already. (Hey, you’ll get it if you are a “Community” fan.)

Nicholas Brody (“Homeland”) – A clean slate, which is something that he is probably never going to get.

Dexter Morgan (“Dexter”) – A time machine, that way he could go back in time to before Deb found out about who he was so that he could ensure it never happened.

Debra Morgan (“Dexter”) – The same thing.

Leslie Knope (“Parks and Recreation”) – A one-way ticket to the Governor’s office … or the White House. Whatever comes first.

Megan Draper (“Mad Men”) – The love and respect of people around the world … especially those who inexplicably blame her for the show’s Golden Globes snub.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper (“The Big Bang Theory”) – A napkin with William Shatner’s DNA on it. Slowly and surely, he’s building a clone army.

Spencer Hastings (“Pretty Little Liars”) – A nice, sweet boyfriend who is not secretly out to destroy her and her friends (but also still has no problem with being shirtless).

Walter White (“Breaking Bad”) – A pizza to replace the one he threw on the roof. Also, more bacon.

Do you have some suggestions of your own? We want to hear them below, and you can check out what is new on Christmas by heading over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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