Betty season 3: Is it renewed, canceled at HBO? The latest


Following tonight’s finale at HBO, can you expect a Betty season 3 renewal? Or, is it more likely that the show ends up canceled? As you would imagine, we have a lot to talk through here!

Let’s start things off, though, by sharing what we know at the moment: Nothing is altogether confirmed when it comes to the skateboarding series’ future. It’d be great if there is a season 3, but the ball is firmly in the court of the premium-cable network. There’s also not a lot of evidence in advance as to what they are going to do.

When you look at the live ratings alone for Betty on the network, they are far from spectacular — these are episodes averaging just over 100,000 viewers a week. However, the vast majority of people aren’t watching this show live. It’s airing in a pretty terrible timeslot and HBO hasn’t made decisions based solely on live viewership in years. They look at total streams, critical acclaim, future potential, and also whether or not a show generates new subscriptions. The unfortunate truth here is that they don’t often disclose a lot of this information to people in the media and we’re all left with giant question marks dangling over our brains.

Regardless of what HBO decides, we imagine that they will make said decision over the next several months — probably by the end of the year. While there is no immediate hurry to announce anything, we don’t think that they would leave the cast and crew dangling on this forever. After all, they would want them to have the opportunity to go off and do some other things.

Given the subject matter here, we absolutely think there’s more story that could be told. How many shows out there exist about skateboarding, let alone women within this world? It’s almost none and that is a huge part of the appeal and excitement here.

Do you want to see a Betty season 3 renewal at HBO?

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