Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Does Travis stand a chance?

Travis LongTonight is the last night in the Big Brother 23 house for one houseguest, so is the potential target in Travis making the most of his opportunity?

Well, at the very least, he’s trying. The live feeds were down for a while tonight, but eventually we did see him do his best to pitch Frenchie and Brent on a reason to keep him in the game.

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At the crux of Travis’ argument seems to be this: He’s someone who could be a bigger target moving forward. If Alyssa stays, who is coming after her right now? Save for her team, does she have any major allies? Not really. That makes her someone who could sneak to the end. Travis argued that he’s shown loyalty to people he is close to, and can easily be used as a meat shield for a little while. He also made it clear that technically, Alyssa has done nothing so far to prove she’s trustworthy; taking her at her word is difficult.

While Frenchie and Brent seemingly respected the arguments Travis made, we don’t think it changes much. Because he waited so long to give his pitch, most everyone is already looking ahead to next week. Also, we don’t think anyone is worried about Alyssa skating by week one.

Sarah Beth and Kyland talk

We’ve told you already about the French Kisses alliance, which is built up of Frenchie and many of the women in the house. Well, tonight we saw Sarah Beth spill the beans on it to Kyland. These two have a secret alliance that has been really effective — they’ve dished on a LOT of stuff to each other and seem to be a pair to watch that no one would suspect.

What is interesting, though, is that Kyland has kept the Cookout close to the vest. He’s trusted her with a lot, but not necessarily that as of yet.

Do you think Travis will be evicted on Big Brother tomorrow?

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