Yellowstone season 4: The most likely tease we’ll get next

What’s next within the world of Yellowstone season 4? That is a more-than-understandable question to wonder now. We recently got a small dose of details on what lies ahead, whether it be a fall premiere date or a couple of teasers.

Now, it’s once again quiet on the Dutton front … but is it going to stay that way for long? What other things can we expect to check out down the line?

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The first order of business for the folks at Paramount is trying to figure out what they want to release next — and then also how they want to release it. There are two schools of thought.

Scatter things out – Maybe you release a premiere date and a poster one week, and then also an official trailer the next. How about new photos the week after that? This way, it gets you a little bit of attention for a longer period of time.

A big reveal of a lot of stuff – It’s very well possible that the network will want to make a HUGE event out of their official premiere date, so they could release this, the trailer, and some photos/posters the same day. It gets a lot of headlines at once, perhaps more so than any other option.

It’s too early to tell what the folks behind the scenes will decide, but we’d be willing to wager one of the next things to be released is a poster. That creates the aesthetic for the fourth season, and it’s one of the easiest things to conjure up. People have to sit down and watch a trailer to get a good sense of it; a successful poster can be viewed for a few seconds and immediately understood. That is perhaps the best way to hit the ground running on things moving forward.

What do you most want to see released next when it comes to Yellowstone season 4?

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