Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Is Frenchie in big trouble already?

FrenchieWe know that Frenchie’s been doing too much for most of Big Brother 23 — but are things about to come down hard on him? The more we watch, the clearer that becomes.

We could give a laundry list of things that the guy is doing wrong, but so much of it comes from him saying one thing and doing another. Take, for example, him saying that he hates it when minority houseguests and women are evicted early, only to put a woman and a Black man on the block week 1. Sure, he eventually got Travis up as a replacement nominee, but for a while he was then considering Derek X.

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Sure, Frenchie is entitled to target whoever he wants, but why say something that makes you look like a hypocrite? Hannah’s already caught on to this and is frustrated — meanwhile, Azah feels like he’s made false promises about him being a real player for his team.

Then, you’ve got the French Kisses alliance he started yesterday with a number of the women — he’s already ratted that out to Alyssa, and then told Brent he wants him to listen in on an “alliance meeting” so that he can expose it. This is going to be passed around through the house, and many women in this alliance already are skeptical of it. He’s not doing himself any favors here at all!

Finally, we have today Derek X. throwing him under the bus to Christian, saying that Frenchie was targeting him before he won the Wildcard Competition. So many people recognize that he is shady and while it may not hurt him immediately, it could before too long. Frenchie’s biggest mistake this week is violating the cardinal sin of Big Brother — making people feel dumb. You can’t act like you’re smarter than everyone else; if you do, it is almost always a recipe for disaster.

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