All American season 3 finale video: The game that could change everything

All AmericanWith the All American season 3 finale coming on The CW next week, Spencer and the rest of the team better be ready. They are facing arguably the most important game of their lives, and they’re going to need to push through.

Is winning a part of the equation? Sure, but there’s more going on here — there is pride, there is conquering old demons, and there’s probably a little something here in making a name for yourself. With a game of this magnitude, you never know who is watching…

What we’re excited to see in this episode beyond the game is a little more relationship growth. Things haven’t been easy for Spencer and Coop this season, but will they wrap up with their bond in a better place? (We know that Coop in particular is going to have some challenges when it comes to her tour.) Meanwhile, Spencer and Olivia are finally in a place where they can move forward as a couple, but how long will it last? After hyping up this relationship for SO long, it’s going to be freakishly disappointing if the rug gets pulled out from under us.

We should also mention that if you watch the promo slowly and pause at certain frames, it looks like a fight is going to break out between teams. We don’t see any pads or helmets amidst the skirmish, so odds are this takes place either before or after the game. It’s a reminder of just how high the stakes are, but let’s just hope that no one makes a mistake that could hurt them on-the-field — take, for example, and injury that would totally blow a chance at a college scholarship…

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