Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: The Jackpots alliance & a cool final two

Sarah BethIt’s the morning after the Veto Ceremony within the Big Brother 23 house, so what’s going to happen from here? It’s possible that there will be some campaigns that happen over the next 48 hours, but they haven’t started up as of yet.

In the event that you did not know, Derek X. won the Power of Veto and used it to save Kyland. From there, Frenchie nominated Travis and all signs suggest that he will be the first person evicted from the game.

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So with this eviction seemingly set, a lot of people are looking ahead. For starters, Frenchie has “solidified” the Slaughterhouse alliance, or at least as much as a mess like this can be. He assembled them, partially so production could have something to show on TV — the group is comprised of Whitney, Alyssa, Xavier, Brent, Derek F., Frenchie, Kyland, and Christian, but not everyone in here is taking it altogether seriously. Remember that Xavier, Kyland, and Derek F. also have the Cookout alliance with Azah and Tiffany, and at the very least we think Xavier/Kyland are more loyal to that group. Several people in the Slaughterhouse do want to target Derek X. moving forward.

Elsewhere on the alliance front we have the Jackpots, which is a fun group comprised of Claire, Tiffany, and Sarah Beth — we like them as a trio, but there’s one problem: Sarah Beth already exposed them to Kyland. Luckily, we think he’ll keep this secret for now. These two feel like a genuine final two, as he also told her about the Slaughterhouse without mentioning all the finer details. (He did not bring up the Cookout.) This is the sort of long-term alliance that could be mutually beneficial and helpful, depending on how it plays out.

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