This Is Us season 6: Alexandra Breckenridge on Sophie, Kevin’s future

When it comes to waiting for This Is Us season 6, we’re all in it together — there is no premiere date, and there won’t be one anytime soon. The show is not coming back until next year!

There are very few advantages to the long hiatus but if there is one, we suppose that it would be getting a long time to talk about potential stories … and there are plenty to discuss when it comes to Kevin’s love life. Who will he end up with?

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Based on how season 5 left off, it’s easy to assume that his long-term partner is going to be Madison. Even though the two didn’t get married in the present-day, you can see that they’re on great terms at the wedding five years in the future. Heck, Madison acted like she’d spoken to him throughout the day! At the very least, they’re fantastic co-parents, but there could be something more there.

The question as to whether Sophie is still in the picture is a difficult one. Remember that Kevin tried to move on from her completely at the end of season 5, but that doesn’t mean that they’re fully done and over with yet. While promoting her Netflix show Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge herself made it clear to Entertainment Weekly that she’s still rooting for her character to end up with Justin Hartley’s:

“Ultimately, I hope that Kevin and Sophie end up together … That probably goes without saying. I think he’s had a very interesting relationship with Madison, and I don’t necessarily throw that relationship out the door just because it doesn’t happen now… I know certain things that I’m not allowed to talk about, but we don’t know if they’ll come to fruition or not.”

We’ve spoken about this before, but Alexandra’s other gig does make it difficult for her to have long-term arcs on This Is Us. Yet, if there is a very specific story the writers are interested in telling, we’re sure that they can figure something out…

Are you still rooting for Kevin and Sophie entering This Is Us season 6?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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