‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: What’s coming up for the rest of the season?

The Walking Dead season 3We are still about a month and a half away until “The Walking Dead” season 3 returns to AMC and with fans still chattering about what they want to see happen in the second half of the season, we thought we’d take this opportunity to chime in with what we would like to see happen to Rick and the rest of the survivors.

We already know from the previews that the Governor is not taking Rick’s intrusion into his town lightly and has started riling up the citizens of Woodbury by giving them a Dixon brother “fight to the death” match. With the Governor having a small army behind him of about 70 people (albeit not everyone knows how to fight), he has lost one of his right hand men in Merle now that he’s realized that he lied to him about killing Michonne.  How are the Dixon brothers going to escape (if at all)? We suspect that one of them may actually die (likely Merle), but not at the hands of Daryl – probably by the angry Woodbury mob, giving Daryl a chance to escape and get back to the prison to warn Rick that the Governor and his army are coming. Is it possible that both brothers can get through 70 people and escape? It’s possible, but not likely.

Rick will be preparing for a war, but with the Governor having the numbers to wipe them out, he will likely make some sort of alliance with Tyreese and his group to keep the prison secure from the Governor’s wrath.  We suspect that this will be where Carl will really come into his own and will move from being a child soldier into being a young man who is a force to be reckoned with.  Rick’s growing instability could end up being an asset to the group, because he will be less likely to be worried about the outcome of the situation and just jump in with both feet – nothing’s scarier then a crazy sheriff with a bag of guns.

So what about the romances? Well we’ve learned that Maggie and Glenn will be having some struggles in their relationship, as Glenn will be suspicious that the Governor really did have his way with Maggie and that she’s not being honest about it.  Glenn’s unbridled anger towards the Governor about what happened in Woodbury will start to over run his rational thoughts, where as Maggie just wants to move on. There has been some tension between Daryl and Carol through out the past two seasons, but with Daryl gone and Tyreese in the picture it’s possible that AMC will follow the love story from the comic books – giving Tyreese a love triangle with Carol and Michonne. And what about Carl and Beth?  We’ve seen some sparks flying between these two teenagers and the more Carl grows into being a strong young man the more the connection between them seems to grow.

“The Walking Dead” season 3 returns to AMC on Sunday, February 10th at 9 p.m., but until then be sure to leave us a comment and tell us what you want to see happen in the second half of the season. Also if you haven’t heard, Glen Mazzara, the show runner for “The Walking Dead” series will be leaving the show after the third season – wanna know why?  Be sure to read our story about it here.

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