‘Saturday Night Live’: Bill Hader, Bruno Mars shine in season’s top three skits (so far)

Saturday Night LiveSince this is about the time in which we would be watching “Saturday Night Live,” we thought it would be appropriate this week, our first without a new episode over the holiday hiatus, to look back at some of the moments that made us laugh, share the video with our friends, and even feel on some sort of emotional level. (The latter is particularly shocking for this show.)

So with this in mind, we present our three favorite sketches from the season so far. Basically, the criteria we used here was simple: the sketches had to be memorable, funny, and something that was at least somewhat original. There were some great “Weekend Update” moments all season long, take Stefon and Drunk Uncle, but we have a hard time including those since they are just consistently strong rather than something that comes out of nowhere and shocks us.

3. “Homeland” spoof – Was this at times overly exaggerated? Yes, but so was “Homeland.” This was easily the one shining moment during Anne Hathaway’s show, as it was exactly what you want to see from a pop-culture spoof. If you watched the show, you were sure to love this manic version of Carrie, Brody mocking his own tiny mouth, and Dana coming out of nowhere nagging her father. We’ll take this over a mock game show any day.

2. Puppet Class – This is a prime example that “SNL” does not always have to be culturally relevant or political to be funny. This sketch is all about Bill Hader, whose demented war survivor character was frightening, edgy, creepy, and also thankfully hilarious. If you want to have a classic character on this show, Hader is the perfect man to study.

1. Sad Mouse – There were times when this sketch about a very lonely Bruno Mars in a mouse costume was uproariously funny, and there are also times in which it was surprisingly moving. Through all of its juvenile humor at times and predictability, this was a moment of quiet, strange beauty that “SNL” could use far more of in the months ahead.

If you want to watch the latest “Saturday Night Live” episode review (and watch some video clips from it), all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

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