‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Executive producer talks Mona’s return

Janel ParrishWhen the third season of “Pretty Little Liars” picks up, there is going to be all sorts of interesting drama unfolding all across the board; and with this in mind, we have a fantastic video to share below that features executive producer Oliver Goldstick talking all about the winter premiere, and some of the major story arcs that are going to be coming up in the weeks ahead.

When it comes to the first order of business that is Mona, Goldstick promises that we are going to have to wait pretty much no time at all in order to see just what “A” tries to to acclimate herself back to ordinary life again … even though there will be all sorts of lingering questions about just how genuine she is, and whether or not some people make a dire mistake by trusting her:

“She can quickly spin [herself] to make herself look like a victim, and you’re going to enjoy seeing some of the people who ally themselves with her, and how she is able to manipulate the situation … But is Mona really cured?”

As for some other storylines, Goldstick promises that we will learn that Aria’s father has a much deeper history with Alison that what we saw during the Holloween episode, and we are going to understand that far better; as for his former mistress Meredith, she is going to create all sorts of problems for Aria as she is quickly revealed to be one of her new teachers for the semester.

In going back to the subject of “A” for a minute, let’s close things off by saying that we will learn to a far greater extent why Toby is holding on to so much anger that he has for Spencer and the other Liars, and why he is keeping his true nature such a secret from them.

If you want to watch a brand-new sneak peek from the January 8 episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family, video via SpoilerTV

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