The Bachelorette: Did Michael A. get injured in Katie Thurston group date?

The Bachelorette

Going into tonight’s new episode of The Bachelorettewe knew one of Katie Thurston’s guys would be injured during the group date. The question here was pretty simple: Who would it be? The show always tends to throw these contestants into these chaotic situations that has a high chance of injury, so we can’t say that we’re altogether shocked that something like this would happen.

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At the center of the group date was a game called “Bash Ball Battle,” and there was an incentive for the guys to do really well at this: If their team lost the game, they wouldn’t get any time with Katie at all. That ALWAYS sets people off in this situation and we’ve seen that time and time again. It was physical, guys were flying all over the place, and it really wasn’t all that much fun to watch.

Michael A. was the person who got hurt during the group date but to the shock of no one, the previews made it out to be SO much worse than it was. He was shaken up and the medics attended to him, but this wasn’t a situation where he was carted off to the hospital. This is of course where we wag our finger at production for making this so much worse than it was in the promo and even showing us an ambulance.

If there is any silver lining to this at all, it’s that Katie decided to let everyone go to the cocktail party — also, she called off the game after Michael was hurt. Shouldn’t that have happened the moment that Hunter decided to full on tackle someone to the ground? Absolutely, but instead Katie gave him praise and it signaled to all the men that this type of play was being rewarded.

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