The Blacklist season 9: What happens to the list itself?

The Blacklist logoWe’ve talked about a number of different subjects related to The Blacklist season 9 already, but one we’ve been fairly quiet about is the list itself. This has long been at the center of the series and yet, with Liz dead questions have to come out about its role in the story.

For most of the series, the driving force of Raymond Reddington’s mission was keeping her safe — that is why there was value in getting those bad people off the streets. Or, sometimes they needed to be allies. Consider it a means to an end. We long felt like the numbers signified how threatening a person was to Reddington — hence, Liz being #1 on the list since there was no way that he would ever kill her in a million years.

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If the Blacklist itself does continue as a construct in season 9, the first thing the show will need to resolve is Neville Townsend. We long thought that he was #2 on the list and believe he’ll have to be factored in there at some point, even beyond the grace. The premiere could be about his legacy and the problems that could create for Reddington moving forward.

Personally, we do still think there will be Blacklisters and they will continue to be a part of the story — after losing Liz, you’ve already shed one element of what made this familiar to a lot of people out there. We have a hard time thinking that you’ll want to abandon everything else as well. We’re just not sure if they’ll be an every-episode thing and you could see a few more special episodes like “Nachalo” or “The Russian Knot” as the new season progresses.

Remember that per every sign we currently have, The Blacklist season 9 is poised to premiere this fall.

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