Cobra Kai season 4 trailer: How long are we going to be waiting?

Cobra KaiThere are few shows that have the fan following of Netflix’s Cobra KaiEven though its seasons are relatively short, it still has a knack for getting people to talk about it year in and year out.

At the moment, we’d estimate that we’re many months away from season 4 of the Karate Kid revival-of-sorts premiering. While filming for it may be complete already, we’ve seen with a number of other shows (take Lucifer, for example) that Netflix is willing to wait to get them on the service. They have a lot of data and analytics that likely signal to them that there are certain times that make the most sense to premiere their shows.

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This brings us now to questions about a season 4 trailer. It goes without saying that we want something more than a tiny teaser claiming that Terry Silver is coming. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that anytime soon. In a recent post on Twitter, executive producer Jon Hurwitz confirmed that it’s probably still months until an official trailer is put out there. If the new season launches in early 2022, for example, we’re probably stuck waiting until around November. Because Netflix knows that viewers are going to watch a show like Cobra Kai without a problem, there’s no reason for them to put anything out there too early.

More so than a full trailer, the thing that we’d personally love to see early is a renewal for a season 5. That would give the writing staff plenty of time in order to prepare for what’s next and give us as viewers time to speculate. For those wondering, the show got a season 4 renewal last October, so we’d imagine a season 5 order will come at some point this fall.

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