’30 Rock’ season 7, episode 9 preview: Jack’s next move

30 RockSo what is going to be coming next on “30 Rock” season 7? The last we saw Jack Donaghy, he was giving a rather emotional (and memorable) speech following the death of the one person he was never seemingly able to please: his mother.

So where is this going to take Alec Baldwin’s character moving forward? We know that the ninth episode of the show’s final season is going to be entitled “Florida,” and the press release attached shows that he and Tina Fey are going to be making a brief trip away from New York City in order to take care of his mother’s estate:

“Jack (Baldwin) encourages Liz (Fey) to be spontaneous and accompany him on a trip to Florida where they uncover a shocking secret about his mother. In Liz’s absence, Tracy (Morgan) and Jenna (Krakowski) assume responsibility for ‘TGS’ with disastrous results for Kenneth (Jack McBrayer).”

The idea of Tracy and Jenna running “TGS” is worth the price of admission alone, mostly because there’s nothing worse for two people with gigantic egos other than giving them an opportunity to allow them to swell even larger than usual. As for Liz and Jack, they have always had great comedic chemistry, and going to a place like Florida (which Jack probably thinks of as beneath them) is likely going to be a culture clash the likes of which we have not fully seen already.

Are you excited to see everything play out during this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out some more scoop from the “30 Rock” series finale courtesy of the show’s wrap party, you don’t have to look any further! All you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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