‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: What we know … and what we want to see

Claire DanesWe’re going to be waiting a long, long time before we see more of “Homeland” on TV. At this point every week since September, we have shared a preview giving us an idea of just what we were set to expect from the upcoming episode of the Showtime hit. Now, we’re having to explain what we could be seeing on the show when it premieres next September.

Before we say anything else, we should start things off by saying that this information is accumulated from conference calls and various interviews, and that all or any of it could change when executive producer Alex Gansa sits down with his writers early next year and starts to map out the framework for season 3.

What we know

Carrie will be more of a focus than ever during season 3, and this will be the first time where Brody is likely not the only major focus of her efforts. It’s unclear just whether or not he will be presumed dead still, and much of that will depend on if anyone knows that she helped Brody free the country and is now going to work to try and clear his name. In addition to all of this, we can also tell you that season 3 is going to showcase Saul as the new top dog at the CIA, and there are no indications that he is the mole responsible for the attack on Estes and so many others. Saul is meant to almost be the Commissioner Gordon of this world, if you want to use a superhero analogy. Is it possible that Quinn could be the mole? Maybe, and we know that Rupert Friend will be back.

As for Brody, Damian Lewis will continue to be a part of the show. That does not mean that he will be a part of every episode, or even a part of the season. But there is more story for him following his escape. The same at least seems partially true for his family and for Mike, at least judging from the fact that Diego Klattenhoff said that he will be returning.

What we want to see

Indications are that much of the show will take place overseas, and we would like to see that. Carrie needs a break from some of the terrible things that she has been through, and it would be refreshing to see her recover from Brody somewhere else if at all possible.

With that in mind, we also need a refresher course on the villain front. This means a new nemesis to mix things up, and create problems for all of the characters. Leave Brody around (and possibly have him surface midway through the season), but don’t make the show about him again at first. Remember that the more you focus on him right now, the more his story spirals out of control. There were already some moments in season 2 that were hard to suspend belief over, and we don’t want to see that worsen. This is why we also need to add the following in here: if Jess and Dana show up more than a couple times this coming season, we will pull our hair out. What story is left for them at the moment? We just don’t get it.

What do you want to see unfold during “Homeland” season 3? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also read some more news on the creative shake-up for the show behind the scenes over here.

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