Better Call Saul season 6 trailer: Should we expect it by end of year?

Better Call SaulThe world is eagerly awaiting Better Call Saul season 6, and for about a million different reasons. It’s the final season, and of course with that there’s a big, emotional weight put on just about every episode. You want proper closure, and of course “closure” itself means a number of different things. We technically know what happens to a number of different characters, but there is still some wiggle room. We still don’t know what becomes of Kim Wexler, just like there is more story to be written featuring Jimmy McGill as Cinnabon manager Gene.

For the sake of this article, the question we want to answer is this: Could we actually get a trailer by the end of the year?

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If you’ve been following the production of Better Call Saul season 6 for a while now, then you know already that they are deep in production — they’ll be done with filming before we get to the holiday season. What we’re saying here is simply this: If AMC wants there to be a trailer for Better Call Saul out there by the end of the year, they can make it happen. There will be plenty of footage for them to compile.

Much of this is just going to come down to when the network wants to premiere the show — we know that it’s early 2022, but when? If the show comes back in January or February, then we could see a teaser or trailer before we get to Christmas Day. If it’s March, we could be waiting a little bit longer.

Our advice you right now is simply: Patience! Also, find some other great shows to distract you while you wait for it to come back.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Better Call Saul season 6?

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