Loki episode 5: Will it set up the finale, potential season 2?

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In a handful of days Loki episode 5 is going to arrive on Disney+ — and it goes without saying there’s a LOT to address! Think in terms of character deaths, mysteries, and foundations to lay for other parts of the MCU.

So how are the producers approaching the remaining two episodes? We think that’s as important a question as anything pertaining in particular to Loki the character himself. There are a few different questions to think about here.

Is there a need for closure? We’ve seen with both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Solider already that Marvel wants to largely wrap these stories up — they aren’t built for the sake of churning out future seasons. (We do think you could make a season 2 of the latter; WandaVision in its current form can be more or less ruled out.) We think that Loki will reward viewers by offering up some closure to a number of its big stories.

Is full closure even possible? This is where things start to get more complicated. We still have a ton of questions with Sylvie; plus, is Mobius really gone for good? We think Loki is also the sort of character who will always cause more problems for himself, regardless of whether or not they are intended.

From what we’ve seen and what we’ve gathered, don’t expect Loki to end and its impact is akin to a commercial for the next Doctor Strange. We do think Marvel wants to largely have the show stand on its own two feet. With what we’ve seen so far, though, and with the impact that Loki has on the larger universe, we do think some elements are going to bleed over. That feels inevitable in a way that it simply wasn’t with some other shows.

Do you think Loki episode 5 will serve to set up the finale?

Would you bet on another season of this show at all at the moment? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do that, stick around for some additional updates.

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