The Blacklist season 9: Will the Task Force be after Reddington?

The BlacklistIt goes without saying that there are a LOT of big question marks entering The Blacklist season 9 — how in the world can there not be? Liz is (seemingly) dead, Reddington’s mission is in shambles, and with Townsend dead, it’s relatively unclear who the next Big Bad will be.

With that spelled out, here’s an interesting question — what if the Big Bad is Reddington himself, at least in the eyes of the Task Force?

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At the end of the finale, Dembe encourages Reddington to run away rather than stay huddled over Liz as her blood poured out on the concrete. Ressler was soon to arrive, and it’s fair to wonder now if he’ll blame James Spader’s character for what happened. Guilt and responsibility are not always a straight line with this show — it is clear that Liz made the active decision to be where she was in the closing minutes of the finale. Yet, Reddington pushed her to do it so that she could kill him, and the moment he entered her life was when everything for her started to change. You can see all of the chain reactions.

Also, remember that Ressler had romantic feelings for Liz — even if Red wasn’t responsible at all for what happened, he was going to blame him anyway.

So as we prepare for season 9, we have to imagine a scenario where the Task Force tries to bring Reddington in, whether it be tied to death of Liz or not. Maybe they’ll just say that they’ve had enough of the cat-and-mouse game with him and call it a wrap. There are also questions about whether the Task Force is really a thing anymore — Panabaker wanted a Burn Notice on Liz close to the end of the season and to close up shop on Cooper’s team. Yet, there wasn’t also that much of an update on the subject in the finale.

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What do you think the relationship between Reddington and the Task Force will be during The Blacklist season 9?

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