‘Royal Pains’ season 5: Check out the first promo!

Royal PainsSadly, you are going to be waiting for quite a while to go to the Hamptons again on “Royal Pains” … but is it really too early to start getting excited about it? We don’t think so, which is why we are sharing now the first promo for the USA show’s eventual return.

Let’s of course start here with the bad news: given that there has been no actual filming yet on season 5 of the show (and there won’t be for months), there is absolutely nothing new to show off at this very moment when it comes to content. However, this will change eventually, and we’ll have that footage for you then.

What we do want to point out about this promo for now, though, is that the producers are making a concentrated effort to highlight Hank’s own medical woes at the moment, and how the one patient he may not be able to ultimately save at the end of the day is himself. This story is going to be an interesting one to follow throughout season 5, largely because Hank at times has felt like this determined, commitment-fearing superman who goes from place to place and takes care of everyone that he can. The one thing he has never been very good at (in addition to his aforementioned fear of getting close to other people) is being able to analyze just what is going on in his own head. We’re still not entirely sure that he is going to be able to do that moving forward, but he is going to have to learn if he ever wants to be healthy enough to treat patients again.

In addition to Hank’s struggle, are going to of course see Evan and Paige’s lives as newlyweds, and what happens when Dr. Sacani returns from Iceland. As we posted recently, there is no reason to fear about his absence being permanent.

Photo: USA

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