The Bachelorette episode 5 spoilers: Katie & Andrew S. talk their future

Katie ThurstonIs The Bachelorette episode 5 going to be one of the most important yet for Katie Thurston and Andrew S.? It’s starting to feel that way, at least per some of the details we’re getting now from ABC.

So far, what we’ve learned about Andrew is that he plays football overseas, he loves speaking in a British accent, and that he thought it was better to not tell Katie about Thomas in the midst of a group date. Given how much the rest of the episode revolved around the guy, he was probably right.

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Judging from The Bachelorette episode 5 synopsis below, it does feel like Katie and Andrew will have some alone time coming, an opportunity to focus exclusively about their future and some questions they may each have:

“1705” – Fourteen remaining suitors are ready to finally put the drama behind them and focus on getting quality time with Katie, until Tayshia stops by to drop the bomb that there are actually 15 men hoping to capture Katie’s heart and Blake will be joining them in the house. Later on the massive group date, Bachelor Nation favorites Wells Adams and Franco stop by to introduce and commentate on an intense game of America’s hottest new sport – Bash Ball; but when more than egos end up getting bruised, Katie steps in and stands up for her guys, ending the game early and giving everyone the attention they deserve. Later, Katie and Andrew S. have an important conversation about their future and one guy gets greedy with Katie’s time. At the end of the night, a rose ceremony will bring Katie one step closer to hopefully finding her match.

From the outside looking in, one of the biggest questions that we’ve got is if the two will be dating long-distance if Andrew S. is heading back to Austria. That’s not a quick plane ride for either one of them! There is a natural chemistry here, though, and that may allow the two plenty of time to figure things out.

As for that Bash Ball date…

Why does there always have to be a group date where someone gets hurt? Why does this constitute good TV?

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