‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: More than meets the eye

Grey's AnatomyWith “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 not returning to ABC with new episodes until Thursday, January 10, we have a while to wait; and while the photo that we have just shared to the left may appear at first like just another medical procedure on a show that has made these its bread and butter, isn’t it possible that there is a good bit more going on here than what initially meets the eye? If you are betting that the answer here is “yes,” then you are rather smart and deserve a round of applause!

The truth here is that the four characters shown here front and center, at least the two doctors and the two interns, could all be involved in some sort of complicated “love rectangle” moving forward on the show. Want some evidence? Let’s take a look.

-In the first promo for this episode (which is entitled “Things We Say Today”), you can see Jackson and his intern seemingly getting more than a little bit close to each other. Hey, we’d like to hear if you have an alternate explanation for why he is taking off his shirt.

-As we reported yesterday, there are some whispers floating around that April may be getting a little bit closer to Gaius Charles’ own intern over time, and that these two could have a connection far greater than just the sweet scenes that we saw during the past couple of episodes.

Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait until we find out the answer to these questions, and there is also a number of other issues that could still be worth addressing at some point here in between how Meredith’s pregnancy will go and whether or not Cristina and Owen will stay together.

Do you think Jackson and April will get back together later this season, or is your opinion that Shonda Rhimes will be more inclined to make us wait? We want to hear more of your thoughts below!

Photo: ABC

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