‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Emma, Captain Hook shine in epic trailer

Colin O'DonoghueDo you want to see some new footage from the rest of “Once Upon a Time” season 2? If so, we have a rather stellar new trailer for you to watch below, and it promises that there are going to be some rather enormous changes coming to Storybrooke very soon.

First and foremost, let’s start out with the biggest shocker of all: no one is going to be locked away in Storybrooke anymore. If any of these “fairy tale characters” want to leave the Maine town now, they can; and while we are not sure too many of them are going to want to venture far from their roots, the fact that it is on the table now could potentially create some rather interesting possibilities for the group as a whole.

As for interesting new possibilities, it also looks as though Captain Hook is not going to waste too much time when it comes to getting reacquainted with modern technology. While he has a twist on an age-old “sword-fight” in one clip, he also fires a gun in another. In addition to that. we also have an opportunity to see in here Regina acting just as evil as ever, Emma Swan starting to learn more about her own family history, and some various scenes of danger involving Wonderland and characters traveling to various worlds.

Above all, the promo promises that we are in for some rather “epic” action moving forward, and even though we do not really know just where the series is heading at the moment, we only hope that they are right. With the curse already broken, we do not have the same sort of definite endgame we once had.

What do you think about this promo? If you want to read about some upcoming episodes in terms of specifics, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC, video via SpoilerTV

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