‘Duck Dynasty’ meets ‘Downton Abbey’? Well, there is a connection

Duck DynastyThere have been some interesting acquisitions made in the entertainment business over the years, but we do have to write this one up as one of the most interesting strictly from the standpoint of forces coming together. On one side of the coin here, you have “Duck Dynasty”: a ridiculously entertaining reality show that is funny, goofy, and just about as American as apple pie or Phil Robertson teaching small children how to gut an animal. On the other side, you have ITV, best known largely as the British network that airs “The X Factor” and “Downton Abbey.”

So what’s the connection here? We’re basically talking about some business dealings behind the scenes here, as the company responsible for producing “Duck Dynasty” has officially decided to join forces with the American branch of ITV’s own production company. According to Deadline, Gurney Productions (who also is responsible for such shows as “American Digger” and “Auction Hunter”) has been purchased for $40 million. This is the kind of money that even the Robertson clan would raise an eyebrow at.

So will this acquisition end up changing the world of “Duck Dynasty” at all? Ultimately, it’s unlikely that there will be any changes to the show you already love. The recent huge ratings for the show suggest that the producers know what they are doing here, and new executives would be out of their mind more so than Si to want to change anything about a cash cow (or cash duck?) like this one. Just let the Robertsons do their thing, and hope that the numbers stay high. In other words, don’t expect to suddenly see Mr. Carson showing up offering to help out in the kitchen.

“Duck Dynasty” will return to A&E with new episodes in 2013; stay tuned, as we will have more soon.

Photo: A&E

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