The Blacklist season 9: Is Liz Keen really dead? Looking at theories

The BlacklistIs Liz Keen truly dead entering The Blacklist season 9? The majority of information out there suggests so. We know that Megan Boone is leaving the show and with that, it just makes sense that the character is gone for good.

With that being said, isn’t it fun to theorize? We thought it’d be worthwhile to take a moment and further examine some of the biggest theories that are out there about Liz, and if some other epic twist could be in the works.

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Liz will be in a coma/in hiding – This is one of the only ones that we view as plausible. Maybe she doesn’t die, but is gone somewhere all season where it’s unclear if she makes it through or not. Or, maybe she recovers and Reddington hides her away for safe-keeping. The one reason to do this is it gives James Spader a purpose, and leaves the door open for Boone to return for a potential episode down the road.

The Liz who was shot was a fake – Given that we saw her talking right before Vandyke killed her, it would have to be an exact clone — Liz’s cyranoid in season 8 only looked vaguely like her! This one’s not realistic.

Liz will get a new face/be recast – Also highly implausible. We understand the idea of keeping the character on the show, but for them to do this and lose Megan from the show feels like they’re totally wiping away the impact of the finale.

Liz at least died knowing the truth about Reddington – Given that Dembe and Reddington weren’t together the whole finale, it’s possible he clued her in — this just wouldn’t have any impact on her fate.

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What do you want to see coming up next on The Blacklist season 9?

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