The Blacklist season 8 episode 22 (finale) spoilers: Final ‘Konets’ hopes

The BlacklistTonight on The Blacklist season 8 episode 22, we’re here — the epic finale. The time for answers. The title for the episode is “Konets,” and that alone translates to “the end.”

So what do we know is coming within this episode? How should you prepare? We obviously have one thing at the front of our mind: Raymond Reddington’s identity. Every tease out there suggests that this could be a huge part of the episode, though there is no guarantee we’ll actually hear it as a viewer. Maybe he’ll whisper it to Liz and we won’t find out, but wouldn’t that be a bummer after all of this hype?

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In terms of evidence, we know that a lot of it right now is pointing towards Reddington being Katarina Rostova, but it almost feels like there is TOO much evidence of it. To be frank, it feels like the producers want you to think this is what is happening so they can set up another twist elsewhere.

How could Reddington’s identity be revealed? The synopsis for the episode suggests that he may make a “disturbing” request in exchange for telling Liz the truth — and this could be what leads to Megan Boone’s exit. He may ask her to take over his empire, go in hiding, or potentially even kill someone. It’s hard to know what is disturbing to a guy who has run a criminal empire for decades on end now. Knowing about Boone’s exit in advance does very-much cloud the finale as a whole, and we’ll have to see just what direction this story takes. We know that there is a season 9 coming, so it’s inevitable that there will be some sort of cliffhanger on the way.

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