The Blacklist season 9: Could Megan Boone return in some form as Liz?

The BlacklistAs we approach The Blacklist season 8 finale on NBC tomorrow night, Megan Boone’s departure takes center stage in any story. While we’re excited to more secrets revealed by Raymond Reddington, we’re also curious how Liz Keen will be written out.

Meanwhile, we’re just as interested to learn if this will be a permanent exit or not. Is there still hope that the character could come back down the road?

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Before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the room: If Liz dies in the finale, that eliminates the possibility of many future appearances down the road — save for maybe a dream sequence or flashback. Luckily, we don’t think that she’s going to die. Killing her would make the entire past years feel useless, that Reddington spent all this time to protect her only for it to fail.

As for every other story outcome, the possibilities do feel endless. There isn’t any overt animosity from Boone towards the show, and there is always a chance that she comes back for a milestone episode or a finale. Yet, we don’t think she’ll be some sort of frequent presence — if she was, why leave in the first place?

Megan also suggested in a new interview with TV Insider that there is always room for forgiveness between Liz and Reddington — not only that, but her character would likely keep in touch with the Task Force if given the opportunity:

She has an abiding loyalty to Cooper [Harry Lennix], Ressler [Diego Klattenhoff], and Aram [Amir Arison]. Her friendship with them is something she will never walk away from, no matter what path her life takes.

(Note that this interview does not acknowledge Boone’s impending exit, so it is hard to say how any of this relates to that news.)

No matter how Liz exits the show, we just hope that there is a chance for peace — we want to think there’s hope she and Reddington can figure things out and restore their relationship to what it once was seasons ago.

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Do you think we’ll get to see any more of Megan Boone as Liz on The Blacklist after the finale?

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