The Blacklist season 8 finale photo: Why is Reddington celebrating?

The BlacklistAs we get closer to The Blacklist season 8 finale airing on NBC tomorrow night, why not dive more into Raymond Reddington’s state of mind?

Let’s start with where he is at the end of episode 21: He’s not in the best shape. While it looks like he’s been able to take out Neville Townsend, is that really the case? Even if he is dead, he’s effectively destroyed the epicenter of his empire, the very thing that he spent the better part of the past few decades building. So much of his work has been destroyed and there’s something about this that has to be extremely painful.

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Then, there is the Liz part of the equation. We’ve gotten the sense that he never wanted to tell her the truth about his project or potentially who he is; now, he’s realized there is no value in these secrets. He’s already told her about the origins of the project, and signs point to him revealing his identity in the finale.

So why does the photo above show him engaging in a happy toast at a restaurant? It’s certainly evidence that he’s not in a bad way for all of the episode. Maybe this is after he, Liz, and Dembe escape from the compound and while he presumes that Townsend is dead — and maybe he really is. Maybe he thinks that he’s reached the end of his current period of stress.

Yet, knowing The Blacklist, we have a hard time thinking that this finale is without danger or without some surprise lurking around the corner. One surprise has already been announced: The departure of Megan Boone after the finale. If there is any other, at this point we’ll have to wait and see it in the finale itself. We’re probably more excited and/or nervous for this episode than any other in recent memory.

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What do you think Reddington is celebrating on The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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