American Horror Story spin-off evokes Murder House in promo art

American Horror Stories

Just in case you can’t wait until late August to see American Horror Story, here’s the good news: There’s a new corner of the franchise to explore! American Horror Stories is an upcoming spin-off show set to arrive at FX on Hulu come July 15, and it seems to be combining the essence of the flagship with the format of Black Mirror. After all, every episode is going to be a unique, singular story with its own cast.

Is it possible that this new show will have plenty of nods to the original? Based on how it’s being marketed, we are feeling pretty good about it!

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If you look below, you can check out some new key art that very much harkens back to the first season in Murder House. The iconic residence is in the background, whereas in the front you see what looks like a female version of the show’s iconic Rubber Man looking back at it. Just in case it needed to look more ominous, you also have some red grass and cloudy skies surrounding the property.

Is this evidence that the super-secretive American Horror Stories is diving into the Murder House world? We’d love to shout “yes” from the heavens, but this franchise is well-known for teasing things that are out-of-context and not actually tied to a given season. This may be nothing more than an awesome image to get viewers’ antennae up for the upcoming show, but we are hopeful since Murder House is still our favorite!

If there is one primary concern we have with Horror Stories, it’s brand confusion. People may see this and think it’s a reference to season 10; meanwhile, we’re not sure that everyone realizes that “FX on Hulu” means that the show won’t actually air on FX itself. Eventually, some clarity will be needed here.

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