Greenleaf spin-off: A progress report from Lynn Whitfield

GreenleafWhat in the world is happening with the Greenleaf spin-off? We know that’s something a lot of people want answers to. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of information out there. We know that Lynn Whitfield is starring as Lady Mae, but beyond all of that, details are hush-hush.

As it turns out there is a pretty good reason for that: This show is still very early on in the creative process. Filming has yet to begin, and it seems like creator Craig Wright is still working to figure out the story!

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Speaking in a recent interview with TVLine, Whitfield had a few things to say about the process of getting together the new show, including the chats she’s had with Wright already:

Well, he’s working … I’ve not read anything, but I know that he’s been working on it, and you know how brilliant he is.

“Craig, with all of his gusto, all of his talent and creativity… I think he’s thinking about it quite a lot. And we have had some conversations. But, you know, the nature of our relationship is so funny. He’ll say, ‘What would Lady Mae like — red or white or blue?’ … I’ll say, ‘Oh, blue,’ and he’ll say, ‘OK, got it.’ And then he goes off and comes back with something brilliant. So we have had a few of those kinds of conversations. We just have to wait to see where we end up.”

Based on where things are at the moment, we’d have to guess that the earliest we’ll see this new show is in 2022 — a LOT of patience is going to be required here, but we’ve got a good feeling it will be worth it.

What do you want to see on the Greenleaf – Lady Mae spin-off?

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