Yellowstone season 4: Is THIS the reason for premiere date delay?


Odds are, you’ve been wondering why there’s no real news on a Yellowstone season 4 premiere date. Trust us when we say that we’re right there with you!

With that being said, we do at least have a little more information now on what is going on behind the scenes. While it seemed as though filming for this season wrapped all the way back in November, it looks like production picked back up earlier this month to finish a rather-important moment in the story.

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In a new post on Facebook, the casting directors for extras on this show confirmed that there was a little bit of filming that went on this month for a scene that was originally canceled at the end of last year. Why? Snowfall in the area. This is something that producers clearly want in season 4, so it’s possible that the Paramount Network wanted to push back the start date for the show so that this could be done.

With that being said, we’re somewhat-skeptical that this is the only reason for the premiere-date delay. It sounds as though this is only one scene/collection of scenes, and it’s probably for one of the final episodes they have planned. There are many shows out there that are still filming while new episodes start to air! The most-production team would have plenty of time to get these new scenes in an episode even if season 4 premiered this Sunday.

Our feeling still comes down to this: The delay is likely due to the network not wanting to air before July 4 (where it would have to go on hiatus anyway), and also concerns about the Olympics splitting up the season later. It’s possible it comes back before the Olympics in July, but we don’t think producers wanted to throw two different hiatuses in there.

Rest assured, the moment that we have more news on a Yellowstone premiere date, we’ll be sure to have that for you over here.

When do you think Yellowstone season 4 could premiere?

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