‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ season 8 finale review: As silly as ever

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has long been TV’s awkward friend that you want to hang out with, but you’re scared to tell your friends about. It’s been tragically overlooked by awards shows for years, caters to a small audience, and often fails to really get much attention at all. However, we’re not quite sure if there has been another show that pound for pound delivers as much comedy over the course of eight years as it has.

With the finale on Thursday night, we saw an episode that was so old-school in many ways that it was refreshing. The only characters with any sort of substantial airtime were the five series regulars, and the entire story was so absurd it was captivating: Dennis and Frank got into a fender-bender, and they created a mock trial in order to find out who was at fault. Instead of really getting anything accomplished, though, we instead were illuminated on a number of valuable points:

-Driving while eating cereal is a terrible idea.

-Driving while listening to pre-recorded directions is an even worse idea.

-Mac does not believe in evolution, and he also makes a supposedly-compelling point as to why all of science is ridiculous and you should believe nothing unless it is in front of you.

-Having Mac serve as the bailiff and the judge can be even more ineffective than it sounds.

-Dee is once again undervalued and underappreciated, since no one ever gave her a trial when the gang destroyed her car.

What made this finale so remarkable is that it did absolutely nothing different than anything we have seen on this show already, and we still loved just about every second of it. “It’s Always Sunny” is a remarkable show in that way, anchored by some great performances (especially Charlie Day) and somehow manages to always find the most ridiculous way to end every episode. This time, the message we took from this was simple: everything is Dee’s fault, even when it’s not.

Do you love this show as much as ever, even if it is not a ratings smash or something that gets a whole lot of attention? If you want to read some more news pertaining to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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