‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: What could be coming up for April?

Sarah DrewWith “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 on hiatus until the show returns with new episodes on January 10, we have quite a bit of time now to sit around and try to speculate on one of the biggest questions lingering in our mind: what happens now with some of the couples? It feels as though Cristina and Owen are now firmly in the camp of trying to make their relationship work, even though we anticipate plenty of difficulties here moving forward courtesy of her not wanting children and him feeling the exact opposite. Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek are expecting, Ben and Bailey could have some problems now, and Callie and Arizona are getting closer than they have been in months.

So where does this leave Jackson and April? We already know that they are not exactly in the best place ever, as the two ended up splitting after Jackson was seemingly was ready to commit to something long before Sarah Drew’s character wanted to. In addition to that, it is now looking as though there could be new love interests for the two of them coming up.

You may have already seen Jackson in a promo getting close to one of the interns, and TVLine is reporting that April could also be romancing one of her own. Who could it be? Let’s just say that the leading candidate is a man played by a “Friday Night Lights” alum who she has spent a great deal of time with over the course of the past several weeks. We don’t know if either relationship would last particular long given the passion and support for a Jackson / April pairing, but a show like this always has to have some drama with one of its couples.

Do you still want to see Jackson and April get together? If you want to check out the official description of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9’s return to TV, you can do so over at the link here.

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