The Blacklist season 8 finale: How could it carry into season 9?

The BlacklistOne week from Wednesday, The Blacklist season 8 finale will arrive on NBC — and it could be the biggest finale yet! We know that the next two episodes are expected to finally give Liz Keen the truth about Raymond Reddington’s 30-year project — why he started it, her role in it, and potentially what the endgame is. It’s possible that she will learn his true identity along the way, but we are not banking on that as of yet.

Given that we know that there is still a season 9 after said finale, there are some other questions worth asking. Take, for example, just what a possible cliffhanger will be! There has to be something that producers are saving for next season, so what is it? Let’s go through a handful of possibilities below…

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Reddington and Liz team up to stop Townsend – Let’s say Neville is still out there at the end of this season — maybe the next two episodes are about getting Keen to realize that she needs Reddington to ensure her safety, and that he’s been trying to protect her virtually this whole time.

The end of the Task Force – We know already that Panabaker is ready to shut things down — if that happens, will Cooper, Ressler, Aram, and Park head over to Reddington’s Latvian bunker and join him? How different will the show be?

A new threat emerges – This is the one that is the hardest to predict. Let’s say that the finale opens the door to a new mystery, and that’s something that we can contemplate about over the next several months.

Reddington’s identity – Suppose this is a mystery that is still out there even after all of this. Maybe there’s a real push to figure that out!

Liz still wants to kill Reddington – This is the darkest timeline so let’s hope it doesn’t happen. If it does, what was the point of all of this?

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How will The Blacklist season 8 finale factor into season 9?

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