The Blacklist season 8 finale: How ‘Konets’ represents an ending

The BlacklistIn the event that you did not know, The Blacklist season 8 finale carries with it the title of “Konets.” So what does that mean? It’s curious that we don’t have a title Blacklister for the finale, and it’s a suggestion that the show is venturing a little bit outside of its comfort zone.

For the longest time, it was our assumption that this season was going to end with some sort of “Neville Townsend” episode. The reality here may be something even greater.

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As many of you may know, episode 21 is entitled “Nachalo,” which in this case we can translate into “The Beginning.” Conversely, the Russian translation we can draw from “Konets” is “The End.” Does this mean that every loose end in the world of The Blacklist is tied up in this episode? Not necessarily, but it does feel like a ton of answers are coming. Liz is desperate to get more information on Reddington’s 30-year project and why he’s been so invested in the idea of protecting her. Ultimately, she’s about to figure a lot of that out. In “Nachalo,” she’ll hear about the path that brought Raymond to this point. Meanwhile, the finale could be about the endgame — resolving what is in front of him.

While we have no clear information at present, we wouldn’t be shocked if the season 9 premiere ends up being the “Neville Townsend” episode. We have to imagine that this character will be formally thrown onto the Blacklist at some point. Not only that, but he’ll more than likely end up at #2 when it’s all said and done.

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