Younger season 8: Is the series finale truly the ending of the story?

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After the arrival of the series finale on Paramount+ early Thursday, you may be wondering the following: Is there any chance at a Younger season 8? Have actually hit the end of the road for this story?

Well, here’s where things stand right now: We don’t get the sense that Darren Star and the producers are looking to bring the show back anytime soon. Would it be interesting? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that it will actually happen. We just think that there will be an interest in it.

The biggest reason for this comes down to the super-polarizing ending of the series finale. The show spent so much time on Liza and Charles in the final season, only to then go in a different direction at the end of the finale and have a super-ambiguous final scene featuring Liza and Josh. There are some endings that feel like you’re putting a bow on a beautiful package; meanwhile, there are others where it doesn’t feel like you’ve even closed the box. This is more of the latter; maybe that will appeal to some, but there are plenty out there who want to feel like a show has a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end.

Just know this: Star and the Younger producers did not construct this ending to ensure that they would get a season 8. Instead, this was created because it’s what the writers wanted to do after so many years. It’s meant to be a reflection of the ambiguity that can sometimes come with life. For some people, you get a happy ending that is clear and easy to detect; for others, it’s all a matter of interpretation. Some people may always be striving for something more and have that end goal on the other side of the horizon.

We don’t think we’ll ever see a season 8; yet, in the world of television, you never truly know…

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