‘Jersey Shore’ series finale review: The gang says a final goodbye to the Shore

On tonight’s series finale of “Jersey Shore” The gang says good bye to seaside by throwing a big bonfire party on the beach and inviting all of their friends and family. With a cooler full of Ron Ron juice and food from Vinny’s mom the party was ready to rock.

At the bonfire Sammi talks to her parents about her relationship with Ronnie, saying that not only are they not fighting any more, but that their connection to one another is stronger then ever.  She tells her parents that they are planning to move in together and her parents are concerned.

The next day the gang says their goodbyes to Danny and the Shore Store and JWoww and Sammi go to the tanning salon for one last hit of the sun.  Paula’s co-worker tells her that Paula left something for Mike, so JWoww brings the box back to the house. When Mike opens the box he finds it filled with cakes, but Ronnie is skeptical about eating the cake since it was given to Mike by an ex-girlfriend.

Pauly and Vinny try to prank Sammi and Ronnie while they’re out by moving their blow up mattress, but Vinny pops a hole in the mattress and it deflates.  When Ronnie and Sammi get back they think that the mattress is just deflated, not realizing at first that there’s a hole in it. Ronnie ends up getting into a fight with Sammi saying that this is her fault this happened because she was getting pay back for a previous prank and Vinny somehow ends up getting off the hook.

The next day Sammi is making Pauly D and Mike birthday cakes, but Ronnie is still pissed from the night before, expecting an apology from her that he isn’t getting. Later that night Sammi tries to sit down with  Ronnie and talk to him, but he’s still pissed off that Sammi hasn’t apologized and they get into fight.  The fight gets really serious and they talk about breaking up. She ends up apologizing for Vinny and Pauly messing with the bed, and Ronnie accepts it and they move forward together.

The next day the gang decides to GTL and Paula’s co-worker tells them that Paula’s friend put his privates on the cake. Ronnie and Sammi tell Mike about the cake and he’s furious.  He gets home and tells Pauly D about the cake and Deena tells everyone that she had a piece too.  Mike picks up the duck phone and calls Paula, but she tries to pretend that she can’t hear him. Mike throws the duck phone on the ground and smashes it to pieces (RIP duck phone, we’ll miss you).

On their last night at the Shore house, the gang reminisces about their time at the shore and the tears started to flow (for us here at home too). We will miss watching Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, The Situation, Deena, Snooki, JWoww and Sammi every week – Jersday will never be the same without them.

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