‘American Horror Story: Asylum’: What is Dr. Thredson doing back at Briarcliff?

American Horror Story: AsylumWith Lana’s pregnancy still going strong after her failed attempt to terminate it and Dr. Thredson on the loose, what is going to happen to this unlikely “family”?

On January 2nd, the first new episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” will be back on the air and hopefully it will have some answers for us when it comes to the Lana/Dr. Thredson situation. New photos from the episode called “The Name Game”, show us Kit and Lana still working together to get Kit exonerated for the crimes Dr. Thredson committed and then pinned on him.  With Thredson now freed from Lana and Kit, he is likely on the hunt for the recording of his admission to his crimes, but other then Kit and Dr. Arden, no one knows where Kit stashed the tape. Will Dr. Arden help Dr. Thredson find the recording or will he decide not to rock the boat to continue to keep Kit’s trust to keep working to bring the aliens back to earth?

American Horror Story: AsylumThe photo from the next new episode that strikes the most fear in our hearts is the one of Dr. Thredson sitting with Kit and Lana at Briarcliff.  Kit and Lana are clearly still patients there (which is now run by the demonic Sister Mary Eunice) and Dr. Thredson looks to be back to his old self, dressed in a suit and pretending to be normal. It is said that Dr. Thredson will be at Briarcliff to facilitate a surprising reunion for Kit. We will also see The Monsignor have a major confrontation with the Devil and Dr. Arden’s bizarre experiments will reach a shocking conclusion.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” will be returning to FX on January 2nd at 10 p.m. – Will you be watching?

Photo: FX (Source: Spoiler TV)

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