‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: What is left for Quinn now?

QuinnThere are many characters on “Dexter” these days that have great story arcs; unfortunately, we have not been able to say the same thing as of late for none other than Desmond Harrington’s character of Quinn. This is a man who spent most of this past year chasing after a stripper named Nadia, and when she suddenly decided to take off across the country for a fresh start, despite everything that he did to help her, it was more or less no big deal. This was the first long-term relationship he had since dating Deb, and his story strangely seems to be now just about whoever he can start dating.

While we were at first pretty “meh” about the idea of Quinn starting to talk it up with Batista’s little sister Jamie for season 8 of the show, there is one interesting thing that could come out of it: she is Dexter’s babysitter, and we know from his days dating Deb just how the cop feels about our favorite serial killer. So is this going to cause Quinn to put his nose where it really doesn’t belong? Speaking to TV Guide about this possibility, here is what executive producer Scott Buck had to say:

“Quinn learned to hold all his cards close to the vest … He knows that he certainly has a lot of information that other people at the station are not aware of, so what he knows could certainly come out at an opportune moment.”

Of course, it also has to be remembered here that Batista is probably going to be none too pleased about Jamie getting close to him, especially since he knows just what sort of history Quinn has. Remember how angry Jamie was when she found out about what Louis was doing with prostitutes? Well, it’s not like Quinn’s history is really any better.

Do you think this Quinn / Jamie pairing is a good idea, if just from the standpoint of giving Dexter something new to deal with? If you want to see some more scoop on Hannah McKay’s possible return, all you have to do is click here.

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