Yellowstone season 4: Should we expect a premiere-date delay?

Yellowstone season 3

We’re hoping that a Yellowstone season 4 premiere date will be announced at any moment, but could it come later than anyone expects? At this point, there are some reasons for concern.

For evidence of this, all we have to do is look towards the past. For season 3 the Paramount Network announced the premiere date in early May — a month and a half before the show premiered. In general, every season of the Kevin Costner series has premiered in the June 19-21 window. That’s just over a couple of weeks away! If the show were to premiere on Father’s Day (June 20) again, the network would be giving themselves a very limited amount of time to promote the show. While they can still do whatever they choose, a June premiere (or at least on June 20) feels increasingly unlikely.

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So why would the network want to push the show back? We know that it could be tempting to blame it on the global health crisis, but remember that filming on Yellowstone season 4 wrapped several months ago. This isn’t a case of the cast and crew incurring some substantial production delays. Instead, we wonder more if this is just an issue of scheduling. After all, there is one major roadblock Yellowstone is encountering this year that it never has before: The Olympics. Provided that they happen (which it feels like they will), the Summer Games are scheduled from Friday, July 23 until Sunday, August 8.

Because the Olympics are an all-encompassing sort of event, we can easily imagine that Paramount Network doesn’t want to air their #1 show against that. They could theoretically premiere it before that and put the show on a temporary hiatus in the middle, but that may not be something they want to do. Instead, they could opt for a two-hour premiere either on August 8 or at some point shortly after the fact. There is a risk with this that they’d run more into NFL competition later on in the season, but maybe they’re less worried about that than the Olympics swallowing up all of TV.

Rest assured, we’ll let you know when more information on a date is revealed!

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Are you resigned to the idea of a later Yellowstone season 4 premiere date?

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