SEAL Team season 5: David Boreanaz on potentially longer episodes

SEAL TeamWhat is going to be different about SEAL Team season 5 when it moves over to Paramount+? There are a few different things to be considered here.

Take, for starters, the idea of having longer episodes. In the world of network TV, you are often pigeonholed into doing episodes that are 42-44 minutes long. There are a number of commercial breaks that are required, and in general schedules have to be fairly firm so that there is a new show every hour. That’s a little bit different in the streaming world.

In a new interview with TV Insider, star/executive producer David Boreanaz talks about the idea of change, and how much of it you will see on the new iteration of the show:

I think that the approach will be the same, to be honest with you. We will premiere on premiere week for [the first] four episodes. The biggest difference is that obviously in the streaming world, there are no commercials, so we could tell our stories a lot better, I think. That’s not to say we are not doing a good job of doing that now. I don’t want to say that it’s going to be completely different, but we’re going to be able to go a little bit deeper and darker and lighter in a lot of areas. You have the ability to be a little bit more creative and you definitely have more screen time. We’re looking at probably 18 more minutes of show time there.

That isn’t to say that every episode on Paramount+ will for sure be a full hour long; there is just more freedom to get closer to that time. We imagine the run time will be a little more flexible, and the content could be a little darker. Nonetheless, we don’t imagine that there will be some sweeping change to the show; the episodes on the streaming service have to feel close to the first four on CBS; otherwise, the story would be a little disjointed.

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