NBC’s ‘Smash’ season 2 spoilers: A shift in power?

Season 2Are we set to see a changing of the guard early on in the second season of “Smash”? Some lucky critics (we are not one of them, sadly enough) have been able to catch the show’s February 12 premiere, and it already sounds like there are going to be some delightful things in store for us soon.

According to a new report from E! News, the first ten minutes of the show’s second season make it very clear just what is going on with a number of characters: we will learn exactly what has happened to the characters of Dev and Michael Swift, and we are also going to see just what happens to Ivy now that she is not longer the “it girl.” While the report stops short of saying that Karen won the role of Marilyn Monroe, it does suggest as though she is the one currently favored by producers (though this could change at any given moment).

The nice thing is that some of Karen’s supposed behavior coming up suggests that her token good girl image is about to be tarnished a little bit, which is honestly exactly what this show needs to do moving forward in order to make it feel more balanced. Trying to make the characters so black and white was one of the biggest mistakes of season 1, especially since in the pilot Ivy was not necessarily made out to be evil rather than just someone else desperate to win the part.

Thankfully, we’ll have the answers to all of your questions in just a month and a half, and the show will transition from being something that is a little bit silly into a fantastic portrayal of the world of Broadway.

If you want to read some more scoop pertaining to “Smash” season 2, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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