The Masked Singer: Donnie Wahlberg revealed to be Cluedle-Doo!

Masked SingerThroughout all of The Masked Singer season 5, we’ve seen a new recurring character in Cluedle-Doo, who really serves one purpose: He’s there to dish out some details. It’s not like any of us really need even more clues on some of these people, but we are getting it anyway.

To us, the more interesting thing about Cluedle-Doo was mostly who was under the mask. Why? Technically, he could be anyone! Because you never heard his real voice, the actual celebrity didn’t need to be there the majority of the time; you could just fly them in for the unmasking. We thought for a while that it could be Joel McHale given his regular appearances on the show already, but the clues eventually pointed in another direction: Donnie Wahlberg.

Of course, you may wonder why Donnie would be a giant clue-giving rooster as opposed to an actual performer — yet, it may have something to do with his schedule. He’s on Blue Bloods! He performed tonight and technically, that may have been his only performance. (For the moment that he heard him on “Return of the Mack,” we knew that it was Donnie — there’s no hiding that voice.)

We do love that Donnie did this show, and we also love that he chose such an iconic song. The only real suspense that we had was whether or not Jenny McCarthy knew he was under the mask the whole time. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case! She had no idea, and he explained that there were two reasons for him signing up. First and foremost, he wanted to spend some time with his wife. Also, he wanted to perform for New Kids on the Block fans since it’s been such a long time.

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