‘Glee’ season 4: Scoop on Lea Michele … and did Ryan Murphy delete Twitter?

GleeWe have some “Glee” season 4 scoop coming up, but we have to start things off here with a rather interesting question: is Ryan Murphy no longer a card-carrying member of the Twitter universe?

There is no word what is going on at the moment, but if you venture over to his official account, you will see that nearly all of his tweets are deleted, and that he is no longer following anyone. His profile picture is also gone. What’s happening here? It’s hard to necessarily speculate without knowing for sure just yet, but here are the possible scenarios:

1. Murphy had enough of people telling him off about various aspects of the show; while he did also receive plenty of positivity, he has shown signs of growing agitated about certain shippers attacking him over breaking up the couples. In one recent episode, he even had Brittany express fear that she would be targeted with nastiness by people who were rooting for her and Santana, and fans of Kurt / Blaine and Finn / Rachel have also been vocal in their unrest.

2. This may just be a simple Twitter hack; nothing more, nothing less.

3. It could just be some sort of technical glitch.

4. Murphy may just decide that he wants to spend what little time he has with his friends and family rather than online. It’s certainly understandable, since Twitter can be overwhelming.

We’ll have an update on this story soon. For now, though, we’d figure that you would want to know some actual season 4 scoop to go along with this story: Lea Michele and many of the cast are still at work prior to the Christmas holiday, and thus far she has filmed a Rachel Berry musical number as well as a scene with Chris Colfer.

If you want to check out some more of the latest “Glee” rumors, you can do so over at the link here.

Update: Murphy has said that he was not hacked, and he will be back on the site at some point after the holidays. However, his tweets are still gone.

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