‘The Walking Dead’: IronE Singleton talks about T-Dog’s exit

IronE SingletonIronE Singleton’s character of T-Dog has been running with Rick and company since the very first season of “The Walking Dead” and although it’s not shocking when any character dies on a show like this, it was sad to see one of the original members of the group get taken out.

In a new interview with AMC, Singleton spoke about T-Dog’s exit from the show, saying that showrunner Glen Mazzara told him pretty early on that season 3 was going to be his last. Singleton said that he was playing phone tag for a while with Mazzara, and knew something was up knowing that Glen wanted to talk to him, but would say what it was about.  He said:

“I found out early on. Glen [Mazzara] and I were playing phone tag. I was talking to my wife, thinking Glen is calling me but he’s not telling me what it’s about — that’s not a good sign. Normally when you call someone, you explain what you want to talk about. But he just kept saying, “IronE, I want to talk to you.” Once we had the conversation — it was probably around Episode 1 — I was kind of bracing myself for it. It wasn’t a crushing blow; I was like, “I understand.” And I started to prepare myself.”

Since Singleton knew that T-Dog was going to bite the dust pretty early on, he said that he really had no choice but to tell his wife about it since she’d figure it out anyway when he wasn’t going to work anymore.  He said:

“I’d normally say, “Well, production lasts until November, maybe December, so things are looking really good. So far so good!” My family knew all about it. I couldn’t keep that away from them. But other than that it’s top secret. I don’t know what else I’d tell my wife; if I’m here more often than I was in the past, she would have been like, “Ok why are you home?” What am I going to say?”

“The Walking Dead” season 3 is off the air until it’s return in February, but be sure to check back as we will continue to bring you news and spoilers about the second half of the season through out the holidays.

Were you sad to see T-Dog go after getting to know him for 3 seasons or did you think that it was his time to die?Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of T-Dog’s death scene.

Photo: AMC

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