The Blacklist season 8: Should Neville Townsend be #2 on the list?

Neville TownsendThanks to the reveal of Ivan Stepanov as #5 on The Blacklistthere really aren’t too many holes at the top of the list anymore! Meanwhile, there is one more season, at least, after season 8.

What are we getting at here? A little bit of trouble when it comes to one our favorite gimmicks about the show. The bigger the threat to Reddington and the Task Force, the higher they tend to be on the Blacklist. This is why Liz Keen was #1 earlier this season — there is no bigger threat to Reddington, as he will seemingly never kill her no matter what she does.

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When you think about the criteria, it makes perfect sense that Neville Townsend would be #2. He’s an obvious threat to Reddington with a big organization and a long history around the character. He’s certainly more dangerous than Ivan and beyond just that, his work still isn’t done.

To make matters more interesting, every other number from #2 to #36 has been filled. Is Townsend really going to be so low as #36, especially when you think about how several other Blacklisters around there are easily forgettable? In our mind, he feels almost like a lock for the #2 spot.

Here’s the issue, though: If Neville is #2, then what big surprise is there in season 9? Are we going to see low-level Blacklisters all season, or will the writers have another big trick up their sleeve? That’s something else we have to think about for the next few weeks.

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Do you think that Neville Townsend is #2 on The Blacklist?

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