Blue Bloods season 12: Will this be the year of Danny & Baez?

Blue Bloods season 11

Blue Bloods season 12 is for sure happening, so is it going to be the right time for the writers to “go there” when it comes to Danny and Baez?

As you would imagine, there is a lot to consider here. Earlier on in season 11, the two acknowledged that they had a hard time discussing their dating lives with each other. You can argue that this is just awkwardness associated with talking about your personal life at work … but what if there is something more there? We tend to think of it as an acknowledgment of possible feelings, but it’s clearly not something the creative team is leaning into … at least not yet.

Is there still room for that to change down the road? We have to imagine so! We have another full season and at this point, it’s been a good stretch of time since Danny lost Linda. We didn’t want to see the character get into another relationship right away, but the writers have now given that relationship and subsequent loss its due. It feels like time, and it also makes sense to explore things with Donnie Wahlberg’s character and Baez. It doesn’t mean that the two end up together, but there are some questions that could at least be asked.

Are there risks to approaching the idea of these two together? Absolutely, with one of the biggest ones being that it could lead to the two not being partners on the force anymore. Also, there could be resistance to another set of partners getting together after this happened with Jamie and Eddie. Yet, you also can’t deny that there are a lot of loyal Danny/Baez fans out there, and the aforementioned season 11 moment has them more vocal than ever.

Hopefully, we’ll get a sense of what the writers want to do when Blue Bloods season 12 premieres later this year! We’ll keep our fingers firmly crossed. As you would imagine, though, the writers aren’t spilling the beans on next season too much yet — they’ve only just begun thinking about stories!

Do you think big things are coming for Danny and Baez on Blue Bloods season 12?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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