The Blacklist season 8 episode 18 promo: Is Agnes’ life in danger?

The BlacklistAs we prepare for The Blacklist season 8 episode 18, know in advance that the show is about to get dark — really dark. We’ve seen Liz Keen in danger numerous times; having her daughter Agnes in anger is a totally different story.

It was really only a matter of time until this happened. Liz may have brought her daughter with her in hopes of protecting her, but doing that comes with its fair share of risks. If someone wants her dead, the best way to threaten her is to go after something or someone she cares about. Liz cares about Agnes more than anything else in her life. If you threaten to take her away or even kill her, Megan Boone’s character may be a bit more agreeable.

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We know that Friday’s “The Protean” will be all about this big dilemma for Liz — and others. Because of what Ivan whispered to Townsend, her life is now on the line. There’s no real other way to look at things at the moment. Because she doesn’t know why Neville wants her gone, it’s hard to change his mind. It may not even matter, since it’s not Neville coming for her now — seemingly it’s a hired assassin. There’s no real way to turn this around … save for working with Raymond Reddington.

This is ultimately what we’re the most excited about: Through the bulk of The Blacklist season 9 so far, we’ve seen Liz do everything she can to try to destroy Reddington’s empire. What happens now when she now needs it? While he may be withholding information from her, can any trust be rebuilt?

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