Blue Bloods season 11 finale: Will Joe Hill be full-time in season 12?

Blue Bloods season 11

Following tonight’s Blue Bloods season 11 finale, was the door left open for more Joe Hill on the show? Could Will Hochman become a series regular in season 12? Obviously, there are a lot of questions worth asking.

The first bit of good news here is pretty simple: Joe is alive! That’s one less thing that you have to worry about now. It also seems like he’s on good terms with the rest of the Reagans despite the tension earlier the season.

So now, the question, is how much the producers can use him — one of the challenges is making sure every actor on this show has material, and also accommodating some of Hochman’s other work. In a new interview with TV Insider, boss Kevin Wade indicates that Joe will probably not be a full-time character, but could show up here and there over time:

Not full-time, more than likely, but we’d like to be able to weave him in and out of stories. He obviously has a great chemistry and connection to our cast, and my anecdotal evidence is that the audience really liked what he brought to the show. He has a fresh relationship with the characters that they’ve been with for 11 years.

We’re going to, in the next couple of weeks, start formulating the next season. We were supposed to wrap him out at the end of Season 10, and that was cut off. Right when we introduced him, we had to shut down for [the virus]. We brought it back at the beginning of this season and then it was hanging there. We put our heads together and thought if we could do a season finale that also involved him, his return in a surprising way, and a surprising integration into the show that would take care of all of that.

We do think that the writers will find a way to bring Joe back — remember here that the character was popular and he brought more action to a show that doesn’t always have that. He also still needs to meet the whole family! There are still some cousins he hasn’t gotten a chance to be at the dinner table with…

Do you want to see more of Joe Hill on the Blue Bloods season 11 finale?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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